Acquisition Services
WPCE uses industrial/business engineering techniques to assist agencies of the federal government in contracting for services. WPCE provides a full spectrum of solicitation documents to assist agencies in performance based acquisitions and competitive sourcing and A-76 initiatives. 
Providing a wide range of acquisition support, WPCE develops acquisition strategy and produces solicitation documents.  WPCE performs market research, conducts vendor surveys, hosts industry conferences, and prepares sources sought announcements.  Because we understand “downstream” contract activities, we appreciate the ramifications of decisions already made during development of PWSs.  Based on that experience and expertise, WPCE provides superior acquisition documentation.  For example, WPCE was engaged by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to develop a performance-based acquisition to support contingency operations throughout the U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) area of responsibility.  The result was the USAREUR Support Contract for  which WPCE developed the PWS, PRS, all technical exhibits, the QASP, the Contract Schedule, the Independent Government Cost Estimate, Instruction to Offerors, and the Evaluation Factors for Award.  WPCE provided presentations at the pre-proposal conference and site visits and prepared draft responses to offeror questions.  WPCE provided this same level of support to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) to rewrite its facility maintenance contract.
WPCE Acquisition Products and Services

Performance Work Statement (PWS) 

The WPCE PWS template is outcome oriented and facilitates the crosswalk between performance requirements and performance standards.

Performance Requirements Summary (PRS)  

WPCE Performance Standards are written so that quality assurance evaluators can assess the contractor in meeting established performance outcomes.

Technical Exhibits  

WPCE designs these metrics so that they serve as metrics for offerors and as baselines to manage the contract and monitor performance.

Maintenance and Service (M&S) Plan  

WPCE created the M&S Plan concept to be used in conjunction with the PWS to assist both the Government and the Contractor in managing performance-based contracts. The PWS is the Government’s statements of requirements in an outcome oriented document, while the M&S Plan is the Contractor’s plan on how those outcomes will be provided. WPCE provides both M&S Plan templates and examples.

Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)  
Our QASPs provide a rigorous and robust plan for the Government to use in measuring and evaluating the contractor’s performance.
Instructions to Offerors – WPCE provides solicitation assistance and develops solicitation documents to include both technical and cost “Instructions to Offerors.”

Evaluation Factors For Award 
WPCE develops evaluation plans and evaluation factors based on the Government’s contract objectives and consistent with all aspects of the PWS

Pre-proposal Conference Presentations  

WPCE prepares and delivers presentations to perspective offerors at pre-proposal conferences and site visits, explaining the Government’s requirement, the PWS, the PRS, the technical exhibit, the contract line item structure, and the instructions to offerors.

Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE)  

WPCE develops IGCEs for simple and complex requirements covering over 1,000 FTEs and multiple support functions. WPCE IGCE documentation includes rigorous estimates and complete justification for direct labor requirements, labor rates, indirect rates and other direct costs.

Quality Assurance Register (QAR) 

WPCE’s QAR in a quality assurance database which enables evaluators to enter, score, weight, and compile evaluations. It provides evaluation documentations and maintains evaluation records. It can be used to provide input to award fee boards or to compute deductions. The QAR produces evaluation reports for single or multiple evaluation periods and can produce and document corrective action requests.

Performance Evaluation and Review Plan (PERP) 

 The PERP provides systematic evaluation and feedback protocols for executing the performance based contracts.  The PERP is an action plan for Government oversight of the contract and is the fourth and final module in WPCE’s Evaluation Program for performance-based contracts.  These are as follows: 1) the Performance Work Statement (PWS) and Performance Standards: 2) the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP); 3) the Quality Assurance Register (QAR); and 4) the Performance Evaluation and Reporting Plan (PERP).

Quality Assurance Training  

WPCE provides training for quality assurance evaluators and for CORs to carry out their quality assurance responsibilities.