Quality Assurance

WPCE has developed a Quality Assurance Database Register (QAR) to implement quality assurance programs and maintain quality assurance records for performance-based service contracts.    


Performance-based service contracts employ a Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) to assure that the Government receives the services described in the contract.  These services are detailed in a Performance Work Statement (PWS); and, performance standards are specified in a Performance Requirements Summary (PRS).   The QASP is designed to ensure that the services described in the PWS are delivered in accordance with the performance standards.  

By employing a QASP, the Government and the Contractor achieve an understanding of performance expectations and how performance will be measured against those expectations.  A complete and robust QASP ensures that all aspects of the contract are measured and receive fair and proper weight in the overall evaluation.  Results of the QASP evaluation can be used as one input to the Award Fee process for contracts that have award fee incentives; or, they can be used to document deductions for contracts with deduction provisions. 

Purpose of the WPCE QAR Database

Execution of a QASP can pose a significant administrative burden as performance outcomes are often defined by multiple performance standards for both quality and timeliness.   Accumulation and maintenance of periodic evaluations from quality assurance evaluators can be a significant workload that must be accomplished systematically, consistently, and completely.  Evaluations must be scored, weighted, and compiled and quality assurance records maintained to justify ratings, award fees, deductions, and to comply with the FAR requirements for documentation and maintenance of an audit trail for contract surveillance activities.

The QAR is a user friendly database structured in a hierarchy to correspond to each PWS, corresponding PRS performance standard, and QASP.

WPCE’s QAR performs all of these roles

Entering Evaluations
Scoring and Weighting Evaluations
Compiling Evaluations
Documenting Evaluations
Maintaining Evaluation Records
Computing Input for Award Fee
Computing Deductions
Producing Evaluation Reports
Producing Corrective Action Requests
QAR Databases

Internal databases resident within the QAR are established and populated based on the particular PWS, PRS, and QASP.

Performance Standards 

All performance standards specified in the performance requirements summary are included in the QAR.   This enables evaluators to enter evaluation parameters such as lot size, sample size, acceptable quality level and enables the evaluator to enter the evaluation. 


The QAR accommodates every type of evaluation from 100% observation to COR oversight, to random or planned sampling. 

The QAR provides flexibility for evaluators to evaluate all standards every evaluation period or evaluate only selected standards. 

Contracting Officers and CORs can also designate critical standards in the QAR – i.e., standards which must be evaluated each evaluation period.

Performance Standard Checklists 

The QAR provides an evaluator’s checklist for each performance standard. 


Quality Assurance Evaluators (QAEs) can modify checklists and/or determine which checklist items to evaluate during each evaluation period.  

For example, due to a finding during a previous evaluation period, an evaluator may
can add a checklist item to ensure the contractor has performed follow up to remedy that finding.

Authorized QAR Users

Access to the QAR is password controlled enabling the QAR administrator to establish different levels of access for contracting officers, CORs, Quality Assurance Evaluators, Managers, and Supervisors.

Random Sampling Tables

The QAR provides sampling tables specifying the minimum number of observations for a given population, at a given acceptable quality level. 
QAR Databases

The QAR links to external databases, documents, and websites to facilitate use.  This enables the evaluator to have immediate access to any of these documents while performing the evaluation. 

The Performance Work Statement (PWS)
The Performance Requirements Summary (PRS)
The Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)
A QAR Users Manual

QAR Reports & Products

The evaluator can generate a number of different QAR reports.

Score and Comments Report

The QAR can produce a score and comments report showing evaluation results and overall scores for contract performance.  This report can be produced for a single evaluation period or multiple evaluation periods. 
Corrective Action Request  

The evaluator can initiate a Corrective Action Request (CAR) in the QAR.   A CAR is issued to ensure the Contractor takes corrective action to fix a service deficiency.  The CAR documents the service deficiency, directs the Contractor to correct the specific problem as well as identify the root cause of the problem and take action to ensure the problem does not re-occur.   

 The QAR enables the evaluator to initiate a new CAR or to view CARs issued in the past for the function being evaluated.